Norður Salt’s bold, bright and slightly tart flavour is great with seafood and fish, in stews and soups and as a finishing salt for salads, fish, and meats, lending any dish a distinctive flair. The small, crunchy flakes and pyramids of intense flavour have their own unique characteristics, reminiscent of the mineral-rich Arctic sea. Norður Salt is made with a belief in high-quality, transparent food production with minimal impact on the environment. The unique geothermal production method was first tried in 1753 in the same place Norður Salt is made today; Breiðafjörður.

Norður Salt comes in several variations and sizes. From the pure Norður Arctic Sea Salt Flakes to the colourful and tasty flavours of Lava, Seaweed, Blueberry, Liquorice, Rhubarb, and Smoked salt all Norður Salt celebrates the Icelandic heritage. There is a kind of salt for every occasion whether it being a beautiful and usable gift, for professional restaurants or simply for your own kitchen counter. We are steadily taking over the world and are available in more than twenty countries.